Why Us

Our focus at Anchor Point IT Solutions is firmly on Managed Services - we offer a flat-rate, full-support service that gives our Partners everything they need for their business, all for a single monthly rate.

The Anchor Point IT Solutions Managed Services offering not only brings you comprehensive IT support and assistance, and the peace of mind of proactive identification of faults, but also provides predictability in forecasting your monthly technology spending. You can say a permanent goodbye to unexpected month-end invoices for services you didn’t know you had used in the first place.

Combine the benefits to your computers and finances with our commitment to exceptional service, and you really have a winning solution that continues to thrill our growing list of clients. While IT support providers are on the whole known for being unapproachable, we strive to be precisely the opposite - when you work with us you can expect a friendly, efficient and compassionate approach that revolves around your needs as our Partner.

We make sure we’re fast and reliable, and that we set clear expectations and then stick to them. If you’re looking for an information technology provider that offers a genuinely positive experience, you’re going to love working with us.

Discover how IT should be.