About Us

Anchor Point IT Solutions is a team of people who love people. We take this love and combine it with our passion for technology, and make it our mission to improve the lives of businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Founded in Santa Barbara, we are no strangers to wildfires. When a wildfire breaks out, fire chiefs quickly decide on the anchor points to use as defensible areas in order to stage the fight against the coming fire. These anchor points become the hub for proactively planning and expeditiously reacting to all the different threats that come when engaging a wildfire.

Given this inspiration for our name, it’s no real wonder that our passion is for Managed Services. For the Anchor Point IT Solutions team, people and their businesses always come first. Our goal is to approach their technology methodically and proactively to prevent disruptions before they occur, and then to respond quickly to any unforeseen sparks that could lead to larger fires.

When you partner with Anchor Point IT Solutions, we bring you our commitment to a flat-rate IT solution that brings predictability to both your IT operations and your budget. Better yet, we do so with a smile on our faces and a devotion to approachable, partner-centric service that makes your technology support experience with us the best you’ve had.

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