Climate Change

Backup and Disaster Recovery from Anchor Point IT SolutionsAs you can see from this image I shot of the sky above the Anchor Point office, things can get pretty beautiful here in paradise. On the other hand, we know how quickly things can turn nasty. We’ve seen enough fire and flood to realize the wisdom of disaster preparedness. Beyond the copious amounts of brownie points we’ll get from our client, Red Cross SB County Chapter, the reason for this piece is to make sure you are aware of our Backup/Disaster Recovery (BDR) Service. About 20 of our clients are already benefiting from this service. Here’s a quick break down of the features:

  • No start-up costs.
  • Server data backed up every 15 minutes.
  • Overnight off-site backup to the internet.
  • When a server fails, the BDR device can become a virtual stand-in.
  • If servers and BDR are destroyed, we can virtualize stand-in servers in the cloud.
  • No. More. Tapes.

Did I just blow your mind with all the awesomeness? Contact me if you want to hear more about Anchor Point’s BDR service.

Chris Mundell